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Essential oils continue to gain in popularity, as more and more moms and dads want to find alternative, more natural ways to deal with every day aches and pains of their family.

Essential Oils Queen is here to help you navigate the world of information found out there. It’s not easy to get consistent information about essential oils, so we set out to find what the latest news is and bring it to you in quick, daily tips.

On Essential Oils Queen, you’ll find that we err on the side of caution. We really don’t recommend ingesting oils (whichever brand you use), and we prefer not to recommend oils for babies. We do try to verify suggestions in the pages that we curate, but occasionally something may slip through – so please do your own research if you have any special circumstance, such as pregnancy or care for young children or the elderly. You can always ask a question in our messages section if you need more information – or use our contact page.

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