DIY Wax Melts


If you have one of those candle warmers that has a light bulb and you plug it in to heat it, you’ll know it can be expensive to replace the little wax squares – plus you are stuck with the aromas you can buy, and the ingredients in them! This article, on has a recipe for making your own – with whatever fragrance you like!

The Problems with Store-bought Wax Melts

Whether you buy wax melts from Scentsy or a brick and mortar building like Walmart or Bath & Body Works, they all have a few major problems with them–their ingredients! Most of these popular wax melts {or candles, for that matter}, are made using paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax is bad because it is a petroleum by-product that, when burned {such as via a wax warmer or a candle} emits toxins into the air that are harmful to health when inhaled {which, the whole point of wax melts or candles is to inhale the smell}

Beyond the paraffin wax, store-bought wax melts and candles also contain other bad-for-you ingredients in the form of artificial fragrances and colorants. Since these fragrances and colorants {like most any other ingredients the wax melt or candle might contain} are undisclosed, you don’t know what you’re getting or how bad they are for your health.

This recipe uses Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and Essential Oils – and the nice thing about the article is that it gives a lot of suggestions for oils you can use. Such as…

Italian Kitchen
• 25 drops marjoram essential oil
• 15 drops basil essential oil
• 15 drops oregano essential oil
• 5 drops thyme essential oil

Apple Pie
• 30 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
• 10 drops nutmeg essential oil
• 10 drops ginger essential oil
• 10 drops cardamom essential oil

For full instructions, and suggestions, see

Image is of some wax melts that I made!

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