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We put our hair through a lot – tying it back, scrunching, hair dryers, heated brushes to name a few. And apart from these physical actions, our hair mirrors our health and can be one of the first area to show distress as a result of illness, changing hormone, or just age. I have always envied those people with lovely, thick, manes of hair, but my hair has always been thin – even when I was young and the picture of health!! I do use rosemary essential oil to help condition my hair and typically add it to shampoo or conditioner.

So I was interested to read this article on It has a recipe for a conditioning hair mask using coconut oil plus rosemary and tea tree essential oils. It has a delightful video showing a scalp massage that looks (and is) so relaxing – I had to try it!!

Your scalp puts up with a lot: brushing, scratching, sun exposure, shampooing, conditioning – but how do you condition your scalp properly? Your routine shouldn’t be complete without treating your scalp to a little coconut concoction I’ve come across. (But for a quick lesson on a healthy scalp massage, watch this!)

Coconut oil relieves tight, dry, and flaky skin, removes dandruff and product buildup (gels, sprays, shampoos, etc…) in addition to stimulating your scalp so your hair grows longer and stronger. So grab your natural scalp treatment brush, your application brush (or cotton balls) andyour ingredients…

For more information, and an alternative conditioning blend, see

Image from the same article.


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