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I started to look at specific oils that you can use on your pets – and this article on focuses on dogs. There are some real “go-to” oils, such as Lavender (no surprise there!) and Peppermint, but this article does include other beneficial oils such as Geranium and Helichrysum. This is a short, but really informative article on using oils to treat dogs.

As always, if you’re not sure of the problem, get a vet’s opinion before you start medicating!

So you want to try using essential oils on your dog, but there are so many essential oils! Not sure which ones to choose from? Unsure which oils are safe for your dog? You have come to the right place! This page will give you information on some safe and useful essential oils for dogs, what they are effective for, as well as some guidelines for buying essential oils.

There are quite a few essential oils for dogs that are safe for use, but you do not have to buy all of them! There are a few “must-have’s” that you should get if you want to give your dog aromatherapy. There are also a few “good-to-have’s” depending on the kind of healing your dog needs.

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In another article… I found a dog vita-point chart (reflexology for dogs). See the next page for the chart…




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  1. I used lavender diluted with a carrier oil on my dogs ear the other and it seemed to calm him down and he quit scratching it. I put it in a cotton ball and just dabbed in on the inside of his ear. Not down deep.

  2. Not all oils are created equal…one must be careful with the ones they use on their furbabies…animal specific oils are best, I use only animalEO’s on my fur family…developed by a vet and used on hers before they ever go on the market!

  3. I normally suggest hydrosols or herbs for pets and children for those who aren’t knowledgeable about essential oils, they do the same thing and are completely safe. I use all three on my dogs (and studying to be certified in animal aromatherapy). If you are unsure about the side affects of an oil, just use the plant itself. And never force the oils on your pets, they know what they need so let them pick. You can actually learn a lot by watching your animals self medicate (i.e. like when they eat your plants, they are born with the knowledge). As I always tell my customers, do your research and look for information that’s not affiliated with an eo company (not that that’s bad, but I feel you can learn more than from someone who is trying to make a sale). As ChristiAnna said, essential oils are (natural) chemicals and need to be treated with respect and care. The information is out there, all you need to do is research and then make your decision on whether to use oils, hydrosols or herbs for your situation

  4. while this article is not legally compliant and is another concern for FDA action, I do agree that essential oils are very supportive of our dogs AND cats health/wellness. You need to know what oils are safe and how to safely use them. something I have worked very hard to research and put together. Not all oils are created equal…. Purity and the safety of a therapeutic grade oil is even more important for our pets than us. They are far more sensitive to synthetics, additives, toxin residues. You must know your oils/source.

  5. Yes I have been using them for a couple of years. I find them a natural, pure, safe choice for myself, my family and my pets. I have 2 St. Berdoodles. They are big and hairy. I used EO’S to ward off fleas and ticks. I also use them for occasional cuts on their paws. They lick the oils and seem to like them. My vet uses EO’S to calm her cat.

  6. Be an educated consumer. Be responsible for your research and ensure your family and fur babies are well. I use EOs (YL) on my fur babies, and have been advised by a vet…not all vets are holistic, and not all vets have training in this area – with that said, they should not recommend. However, many successful vets use EOs in thier practice, just as many hospitals are now using them. Be educated, research for yourself and do what is right for your home. And of course, always go with quality, unadulterated oils. Katia Dean, great reference.

  7. A couple of thoughts… 1) ALWAYS dilute essential oils with animals! 2) there is no such thing as therapeutic grade essential oils. There is no grading system for essential oils. This is a “buzz word” commonly used in the marketing of essential oils. Buy your oils from companies that test every batch of oils they purchase from the distillers AND will provide you with the GCMS reports to show they are not adulterated and so you know the chemical constituents. 3) it is safest to use hydrosols with cats. 4) Learn which oils should never be used with animals…better safe than sorry!

  8. Try “Probios” a probiotic for animals. I purchased it at tractor supply. Especially, after all those antibiotics! I started giving this to my dog 1x/day in her food & kept her on it. My dog weighed about 60 lbs. & gave her 1 scoop/day. It helped almost right way. Your dog could also have allergies or sensitivities to food or environment. We had a musty mold problem. My dog licked her paws constantly until we were able to figure out our mold problem. Also, could be a gluten sensitivity. Try different dog food. I could not use rug shampoo or carpet sprays/powders. I switched to using vinegar. I hope this helps. Good luck to you & your dog.

  9. ChristiAnna Huntley Kenley, animalEO’s are specifically blended for our animals, developed by Dr.Melissa Shelton, DVM. You are correct, not ALL oils can be used on cats but there are many that can be. Don’t be mislead by many of the top essential oil companies…Thieves is a “hot oil” and personally wouldn’t use it on any of my animals. Your animals will tell you if they appreciate diffusion of the oils as well, always leave a door open so they can exit the room in case they don’t like it. Top quality oils such as animalEO’s do not contain chemicals, they are distilled directly from plant material. Do more research, you will be amazed and the benefits!

  10. I’m actually an aromatherapist not associated with any mlm. Cats should not be exposed period. A DVM does not mean trained in aromatherapy. Our local vet often suggests oils in an incorrect manor as well. And actually essential oils are made up of chemicals. Just like everything else. You might rephrase that to mean synthetic chemicals so you appear to know what you are talking about.

  11. Janice Stiles Elmore There are much safer ways to treat our pets holistically. Medicinal herbs MUCH safer than ess oils. Either way, you’d better get advice from someone that’s more interested in natural healing than $$$$$$$

  12. Cats do not have the means to metabolize ess oils safely. Period. Purity means nothing if the ess oils are used improperly. Period. Please don’t put animals in danger because you are not adequately trained. Period.

  13. Rae, even people should not be exposed to eo’s 24/7, let alone animals, which metabolize oils different than humans. I hope you have your dog’s liver checked periodically.

  14. People shouldn’t be raindropped, animals definitely shouldn’t be. OMG! how irresponsible! What are Dr Shelton’s credentials for advising ess oil use on pets? That’s not something they learn in vet school. My guess is she did the MLM training which is in general poor.
    Please, I beg you, get better training, for your pet’s sake.Try Robert Tisserand Essential Training.

  15. Cheryl Leix I looked at her web site. I don’t see any statements indicating she’s got formal aromatherapy training, just prior MLM training. That in itself would keep me from lending her any credibility.

  16. And what kind of training does this vet have? MLM training? Eeeeks! If you want to treat your pets naturally, please get the proper training, and NOT from MLM or anyone that got their training their. There’s herbs that are much safer and more therapeutic than ess oils. I will tell you I am shaking as I’m in disbelief at the ignorance being shown on this thread. These poor furbabies being subjected to this treatment. Unbelievable, just unbelievable

  17. Katie, MLM is Multilevel Marketing. This is a generalized statement however. There are excellent MLMs out there with top notch leaders, educators, scientists and Medical professionals on staff. As always, educated and unbiased views are critical in our self-development 🙂

  18. Do your homework, Barbara like I did. She is a highly respected vet in her field…no need for your sarcastic remarks…check her out Melissa Shelton, DVM! Everyone is doing the best they can to get treatment for their babies. My 3 year old boy just went through an extensive cancer surgery three weeks ago by our local vet. I checked with him about the use of the oils and he even said that he heard many great things about them BUT didn’t tell me not to use them!

  19. I guess I am having a hard time understanding what you are doing on here to begin with when you have no use for essential oils and sell herbs. Perhaps you should start your own blog with the things you DO believe in and not be so negative about our beliefs.

  20. Wendy Armenia-Gamble just in case you are interested…I did not read this article..but I am sure has good stuff you may need now or in future..but remember only use therapeutic grade oils..liek Young Living. questions let me of luck with Dillon

  21. ChristiAnna Huntley Kenley, you take an online course and you’re an expert? No thanks, I will stick with a vet that has the expertise to properly help us with our animals! Just don’t understand why you folks come on here just to bash us in something you don’t believe in…just move along!

  22. It’s a matter of safety, not something too believe in or not. I’ve taken several courses from the best aromatherapy schools out there, thousands of hours of training. But you go ahead and keep doing what you’re doing. Hope you’re animal survives.

  23. Pat, you need to do some research. There are a lot of oils that are not good for cats. It has something to do with their liver not being able to handle them correctly. Do your homework!

  24. Barbara Ford is a very opinionated person. What are your credentials. I to use YL but do lots of my own research including Robert Tisserand, Dr. Weil, Dr. Axe, Barnes and Nobel book store and Google. I am always reading and learning for myself.

  25. Janice Stiles Elmore I do not see anything on the vet’s site that states her training in ess oils. I would never take advice from someone who doesn’t share their professional credentials. Being a vet doesn’t mean they are well trained in ess oils. Good grief people, use some discernment here; your pet’s health is at stake

  26. Cheryl Leix Cheryl, we speak up because we care deeply about the well-being of our pets. We try to help others see that discernment is needed when using ess oils. There is an incredible amount of misinformation out their, especially from those that push ess oils as being a remedy for everything. The vet that wrote the book discussed on this post does not appear to have ANY professional ess oil training. She may be a great vet, but ess oils are not part of their veterinary training.
    And, for your information, distance learning has a lot of credibility in the herbal, ess oil and naturopathy world. These people do hundreds of hours of training in their chosen field along with professionals. They are well-educated and have worked hard; the courses are not easy.

  27. Katia Dean Be careful with MLMs, such as Young Living and doTerra. These companies are in business to make money and they encourage overuse and misuse of ess oils. There products are more expensive because they have to pay the uplines a percentage of sales.

  28. Debbie French I am “opinionated” because I’m a voice for those that don’t have a voice, namely children and pets. I am a Master Herbalist and Nutritional Kinesiologist. I see so much information on these posts that are unsafe. I see people following sources that have no substance, including Dr. Shelton. In my practice I have helped practitioners that fell for the misinformation and became toxic because of overuse and misuse of ess oils. YL is one of the worst companies to rely on for good information as they are in business to sell product; safety is a secondary concern.
    Ess oils are very potent and I don’t see a whole lot of respect for that fact. Because of that lack of respect, I wouldn’t be surprised if the FDA doesn’t crack down on this and then no one will have access to ess oils.

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