De-oil your morning drink!


I regularly start a regime of drinking water with edible essential oils first thing in the morning. I have tried using lemon essential oil, wild orange (I like the flavor of this one), or mixing lemon with peppermint. My good intentions don’t last long though because firstly, I find the flavor to be too strong, and secondly I don’t like the “oiliness” in my drink. For the strong flavor, I find that if I mix my drink the night before and leave it in the fridge the taste is more palatable (although I may lose some of the benefits). But the oiliness has always been a challenge.

That’s why I really like this article on (good bit of alliteration there!). There are some options here that I may avoid, such as adding sugar, but there are some I will definitely try. #1 is very easy!

Just note that if you do add essential oils to drinks, make sure you are using therapeutic grade essential oils!

Have you noticed when adding lemon essential oil to your morning glass of water that it just sits on the top? This phenomenon is nothing new. In fact I’m sure you have come across it while making homemade salad dressing, using your homemade makeup remover, or perhaps during a good rain and you see oil slick on the roads while driving. Oil is notorious for hating water.

So how do we make something Hydrophobic (water hating) into something Hydrophilic (water loving)? You need to use a dispersant; a substance that allows oil to easily mix with water.

There are many different types of dispersants out there, many of which are used for cleaning massive oil spills, keeping wet concrete from separating, and even in everyday commercial laundry detergents. Problem is those aren’t the kinds of dispersants you can put in your morning lemon water. They’re full of harmful chemicals and other nasty toxins you shouldn’t ingest.

The “dispersants” I discuss below are not technically considered proper dispersants; however, they have worked wonders on preventing an essential oil mustache. They work by allowing the essential oil to soak into different ingredients therefore emulsifying them to preventing them from just floating on the surface.

Read on for some of the dispersants…



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  1. Warning to each person, please do your own individual research on drinking and ingesting EO’s and determine if this is right for you. Just because someone gives you info on ‘how to’, doesn’t mean you should. And, there is no such thing as grades of EO’s…the site I am linking is NOT promoting any brand, but rather informing us as users. As EO users, we should never stop learning about them. And, we can all love our own preferred brand, as long as we don’t mislead or misinform others about our brand. I’m not saying the wonderful EO Queen is doing this, but I am dedicated to safe EO usage, and feel I need to share. This link is only on EO grading, not on the controversial subject of unsafely ingesting oils. That’s another story.

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