Cute car diffuser…


I try to recycle where possible, but there are times when you just think there must be a way I can reuse <whatever>. I came across this very cute idea on to reuse a car diffuser. It’s such a simple idea – but simple is often the best!

Okay. . . So every day I get into my car and see my superrrrrr cute owl air freshener and its empty and sad. I cannot stand the smells of the refills anymore. They are way too strong. Hello headaches. . . So I’m sitting there thinking. . . How can I put this baby to use. . .

DING! Light Bulb!!!!


  • Your old and/or new Air Freshener
  • Essential Oil of your choice
  • Exfoliating Cotton Rounds. . . These are THE PERFECT size!!! (I’m sure you can use any cotton you have. I just used these because they fit perfectly)

The article comes with full picture sequence of how to assemble your new car diffuser!! Great project that will only take minutes.

See the full article on

Image taken from same site.



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