Vetiver oil

Vetiver is a balancing essential oil for both body and mind. As I was reading about uses of the oil, I found its benefits to be far wider-ranging than I thought.

A 2012 study (reported in Biomedical Research) showed that participants who inhaled Vetiver oil while focusing on visually demanding tasks were able to react faster than those who were not exposed to Vetiver – so use this essential oil to stay on track while studying and working on mentally challenging tasks.

One of the articles I read, on, gives a really good description of Vetiver essential oil – talking about the plant, the benefits, and some interesting history of the use of Vetiver.

Vetiver oil has been used in traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa for thousands of years. It’s native to India, and both its leaves and roots have wonderful uses. Vetiver is known as a sacred herb valued because of its uplifting, soothing, healing and protective properties. It’s a natural body cooler — making it extremely popular in tropical countries. In fact, in India and Sri Lanka it’s known as the “oil of tranquility.”

Some of vetiver oil uses include treating heat strokes, joint disorders and skin problems. Using vetiver oil is also a way to boost energy levels when you’re exhausted. In addition, it’s used to cool the body during very high temperatures and soothe feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

Recent research credits vetiver oil for treating symptoms of ADHD and ADD. It’s also known to increase libido and treat insomnia without drugs. There are a number of vetiver oil benefits that you can take advantage of in the comfort of your home; the essential oil is perfect for skin care products and relaxing oil combinations.

The Vetiver Plant and Its Components 

Vetiver, or chrysopogon zizanioides, is a perennial bunchgrass of the Poaceae family native to India. In western and northern India, it’s popularly known as khus. Vetiver is most closely related to Sorghum, but it shares many morphological characteristics with other fragrant grasses, such as lemongrass, palmarosa and citronella oil.

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