Lemon Balm – and what to do with it!


Lemon Balm, or Melissa, has many uses as an essential oil, but is also a really useful addition for culinary uses.

In ancient times, Melissa was used for nervous disorders, and to promote fertility. It was the main ingredient in Carmelite water (Ear de Carmes), distilled in France since 1611 by the Carmelite monks, who used it as a perfume and toilet water.

Melissa can be applied neat to the skin (although always do a skin test first), and is gentle  enough to be used in preparations for young children.

Lemon Balm is easy to grow! I found an article on TheHomesteadGarden.comt that gives you just about everything you may want to know about this herb – from how to grow it, how to cook with it, and medicinal uses.

Lemon Balm is a fantastic herb to plant in your garden this year. I’m going to try my hardest to persuade you  to use Lemon Balm in your household and I also want to persuade you to grow your own Lemon Balm too.

Medicinal Uses of Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a fantastic medicinal tool for your home. Here is a list of medicinal uses of Lemon Balm:

  1. It is an excellent remedy for insomnia. 
    • Lemon balm helps promote a calming and relaxing feeling and is a mild sedative…
  2. Lemon Balm is very good for tension, stress, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, and depression

Read on for some of the culinary uses…



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