Cut grease with citrus…

This article, on caught my eye a little while ago when I was looking for a natural way to mop up a grease spill. I haven’t tried it on my stove top yet, but I do use baking soda to clean my sink, so I think this is a great extension of what I have already been using.

The article shows before and after pictures of a greasy stove – see if you get the same results!

Since the mess was pure GREASE, I knew I would need a good grease-cutter to get it clean. There is no better ally in the fight against grease than citrus. It’s the limonene found in citrus peels that does such a great job at getting the grease. It cleans and disinfects, removes stains, and is an extremely effective degreaser. It has been used in cleaning products since the 1990s.

I have made homemade cleaners before using lemon juice, but I decided to stick with strictly Lemon essential oil this time. Then I added a few of my favorite homemade cleaning ingredients and came up with what I think is a WINNER!

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