What to do with Lemongrass…

Where I live, I have access to various ethnic stores, and I often wander round them looking at the different varieties of produce. I have not idea how to use some of them (although isn’t Google great?), but I did come across Lemongrass – it looks just as it does in the picture!

Lemongrass – used as the plant or the essential oil – has pretty wide-ranging benefits. It’s main chemical compound is citral, and this is used in perfumes, as an insect repellant, and also appears to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. This article, on Healthers.org, describes the most common preparation as a tea…


The most common preparation of lemongrass for tea consumption involves picking and leaving the leaves to dry. The dried leaves are brewed in hot water for a few minutes. After straining the leaf residue, any desired sweetener may be added. For flavoring recipes the crushed or pulverized dried leaves are added during meal preparation. It can add a unique citrus flavor to culinary concoctions.

Read on for some of the medicinal uses…



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  1. I’ve been having to watch cholesterol for years – taking statins and still couldn’t get #s down. Went for physical end of April and total cholesterol was 246. Started using the lemongr$#%&!@* shortly after and went back for re-check July 3rd – cholesterol was 198.

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