Tummy troubles? Try these essential oils…

That dreaded tummy upset can strike at any time – often when we get nervous about an event, or if we feel we’ve eaten something “not quite right.”

Ginger is usually my go-to oil or tea if I have an upset tummy, but this article, on GrassFedGirl.com, provides a list of 6 essential oils (well 4 single oils and 2 Young Living blends) that you can use, depending on the cause of your upset tum!

Therapeutic high quality essential oils are an excellent choice when you are looking for natural support for gas, bloating or other digestive upset. Here I share some essential oils from plants that can be helpful when you are dealing with any of these conditions. I have been using essential oils for nearly a year now and I have found them to be a wonderful addition to my natural first aid kit. I recommend getting all 11 oils all in one money saving kit. They have made a huge difference in my ability to care for myself without having to rely on conventional methods that may have unwanted effects. Especially I have enjoyed using digize and peppermint for my tummy troubles.

Read on for how best to use the oils…


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