Make your own dryer sheets

I used to use dryer sheets until I read about all the chemicals in them. At the time I ditched them in favor of…….. fabric softener!! What was I thinking 🙁 The same load of chemicals in just a different form!

So any time I can find a natural way to use less of the harmful chemicals in my house, I will at least try it out. This article, on View from the Fridge shows how easy it is to make your own dryer sheets. And you can personalize them with any aroma that you like!!

I like fluffy soft towels.  And good smelling shirts.  A. LOT.

I love the smell of ‘fresh’ laundry.

But then I learned what that ‘fresh’ scent on my clothes was … and it’s no longer so appealing.  Especially when clothes in that same load of laundry were going on my little kids and my baby.

Fabric softener and dryer sheets are full … FULL… of chemicals.  Chemicals that are toxic, cancer causing  (*see sources below) … AND absorbed into your bodies from your ‘fresh’ smelling clothes.

So, I’m begging you … just ditch ‘em!

Ditch that fabric softener and those store bought dryer sheets … and try this instead:

They really are very simple to make…


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