Have a smelly dog?

With the best will in the world, there are times when our dogs just…. smell like dogs! You can use essential oils on your dogs but, unless you have a huge dog, you will only need 1-2 drops of oil. Animals do respond more quickly to oils than us people. Sweet almond oil or coconut oil are good carrier oils to extend the oil over a larger area – and use it to heavily dilute the oil for small dogs, or you could add a drop of essential oil to the bath water.

This article, on EcoCoolDog.com gives some recipes for making your dog smell amazing!

This is such an easy way to make your dog smell amazing, without a bath, using essential oils. Essential oils have so many uses, I use them to clean my home, heal wounds, ward off insects, calm the baby, and even to scent my home.  For a little pick me up I created a blend of citrus oils that I love!  I used a small glass bottle with a roller on it and I added some lime, pink grapefruit, and a little ginger.  I use this when I need a little happiness and I even rub some into my dogs skin and coat to make her smell amazing too!

You can make these essential oil blends at home with very few ingredients. I have a few recipes below that you can pick from depending on what kind of scents you (and your dog) like.  Make sure you are using high quality therapeutic grade essential oils from a trusted source, add some sweet almond oil or jojoba oil, and you have a homemade perfume for your dog.  I really recommend using sweet almond or jojoba oil because they are light and easily absorb into the skin and coat. Some people use olive oil but I find it’s too thick and sticky when rubbed into my dogs coat.

Read on for some of the blends that the article suggests…


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