Try a new carrier oil…

We know that most essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil – and any products we make using essential oils invariably include one or more carrier oil – but do you still to the same oils? or do you use a variety?

This article, on, talks about how to choose a carrier oil, and some of the options available.

The 411 on Carrier Oils

They are a “base” oil and are derived from (mainly) nuts and seeds of different plants. Different carrier oils offer different therapeutic properties and are suitable for different skin types and products. They can be used by themselves (or in conjunction with another oil) as a moisturizer or to treat problem areas. They can be used to dilute strong essential oils and other fragrances and products to make them safe to apply to the body. When they are used in the latter manner, they effectively “carry” the other ingredients into the skin and body and stop the essential oil from evaporating too quickly. They are also used for their therapeutic properties in homemade body care products such as deodorants, soaps, body butters, scrubs, and many other recipes.

It has taken me some time experimenting with different carrier oils to find what works best for my personal situation. Every so often I try something new, and make changes to my skin care routine, but I usually have about 4-5 different carrier oils in rotation which I use during different times of the year (with or without essential oils &/or in homemade products).

Read on for more information about carrier oils..


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