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There are lots of oils that you can use for immediate first aid. They work quickly to help subdue swelling, stop a cold sore from developing, or soothe a headache.

This is a great article, on that presents “first aid in a nutshell.” The article suggests making a small first aid kit using just six single oils. It does provide some additional oils, and some blends if you want to branch out – but I love the idea of having the essential six in a small container to keep with you – particularly if you have children around with all their bruises and scrapes (just remember to dilute oils well before using on children). I have added a couple of links at the end of the article to small, key chain containers.

All essential oils are potential candidates for a first aid kit because they all have multiple uses. They are amazing and fast-acting. Just reading through this section will give you all you need to know for many quick applications.

 There are 6 single oils, however, that we recommend you carry with you at all times. You can purchase the small key-chain container that holds 8 oils. You can use one of the slots for a small bottle containing a carrier oil for dilution.  We can stop a lot of unnecessary suffering and disease if we know what to do at the first sign of trouble.
While there are dozens of highly effective essential oils on our site that could be used for first aid applications, we deliberately limit the number of oils so you will become thoroughly familiar with the basic oils. Then as you read about other oils on specials in our newsletter/blog, you may want to add to your collection and discover new oils that  may even work better for you.

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