Make your Own Hand Sanitizer

I really prefer not to use hand sanitizers – at least those that you buy in the store. But just sometimes you really feel you need something quickly and maybe don’t have access to soap and water. I thought I’d make this hand sanitizer and take it will me next time I’m on a plane. That is one time where I feel the use is definitely appropriate!

I found this recipe on for a hand sanitizer that does not dry your skin!

Why natural hand sanitizer?

As a former public school employee, hand sanitizer was a mainstay on my desk (and in any other strategic location that might encourage students to use it when needed). However, I had a love-hate relationship with this germ fighting, often offensively scented gel. I typically didn’t have time for the necessary 30-second hand wash while working with kids, but knew I had touched something icky, gooey, and most definitely packed with tons of bacteria. Commercial hand sanitizers were often so chemically-scented that I could not bear to have it on my hands all day, and more importantly, I worried about the safety of these commercial formulas for myself and the kids.

Read on for ingredients…


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