Got a headache?

Before reaching for Over-the-Counter drugs, see what you have in your essential oils cabinet. Some of the most common essential oils are very effective as headache cures. You can use the oils:

  • ┬áTopically, by diluting them in carrier oil – a roller ball is perfect for this use
  • Add a drop to a cotton ball and inhale every few minutes until the headache goes away
  • Add to a warm or cold compress over the forehead

This article, on HubPages provides more information about which oils are most effective.

A commonly used essential oil for curing headaches is lavender oil. Lavender oil is probably the safest essential oil to use, as it is very gentle. It can even be used on young children. Often, headaches are caused by tension and stress. Many essential oils cause a person to relax. Lavender oil works so well as a tension headache cure because it is a masterful relaxant. Lavender is the perfect headache cure to use at night because it also helps you to fall asleep and sleep peacefully.

Read on for alternatives..


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  1. I take equal drops of Young Livings lemon oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil and copaiba oil and put them in an empty oil bottle with a roller top. I then put it under my nose or on my forehead depending on how bad it is.

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