Herbal Facial Oil

Since I read all the unpronounceable ingredients in my skin care, I decided to start using natural oils. You hardly need any oil as a moisturizer, and I also use oils to mix with mineral face powder – it helps to apply it smoothly and gives a nice, dewy texture rather than the dry, powdery look.

This article, on WellnessMama.com shows a very easy mix for face oil.

I was blessed with the naturally oily skin that many of my relatives have. It was a tremendous pain in the teenage years, but I say “blessed” because everyone in the family with that skin type has aged incredibly well.

In fact, it has only been recently after five kids and muchas stress that I have ever experienced dry skin or the beginnings of wrinkles. Many of my friends are turning to botox (which kind of blows my mind because they look great without it) but not being one to spend money to inject “the bacterial toxin botulin” into my face *shudder* I wanted to find a natural way to ward off wrinkles.

This herbal face oil is amazing for skin. It is somewhat expensive to make (though I’m guessing it is still cheaper than “the bacterial toxin botulin”) but it smells incredible and works even more.

Read on for ingredients…


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