Relaxing oils for a good night sleep…

I have traditionally used lavender to relax my family and me and help us wind down and get a good night’s sleep (actually I use lavender for just about anything I can!). But I was looking for suggestions to add other oils, and I came across this charming post about mixing oils to spray on a child’s pillow to help him or her sleep.

The article is on, and is such a lovely description of using “magical fairy spray!”

I fell in love with essential oils a decade before we began our family, so it has been very natural for me to incorporate them into our hearth and home.  Even when my boys were babies I noticed the benefits a drop of chamomile or lavender could bring, a seemingly tiny alternation that could have profound affects.  Something I began to incorporate into our night time routine some years ago was an aromatherapy pillow spray, also known at our house as a ‘fairy spray’.

Being a lover of the magical wee folk my son was excited to spray his room and pillow each night with a scented mist that let the little people know he wanted them to visit his dreams.  Of course it didn’t hurt that the oil combinations were those designed to help him nod gently off to sleep and, hopefully, stay that way all night.

Read on for suggested blends…


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