Make Your Own Diffuser Necklace..

There are a lot of really nice diffuser necklaces that you can buy, but I thought I’d like to make my own! I love this idea or using clay to hold the oils.

This article, from iSaveAtoZ uses oven-bake clay. It also mentions a brand of essential oils, but just use your favorites. I really like the idea of making different necklaces for different oils.

If you love Essential Oils as much as I do, I’m sure you are going to love an essential oils diffuser necklace.  It’s a great way to smell your favorite scent in blasts throughout the day without overwhelming everyone around you.  I would call this a beginner project that you should try.  It’s totally worth it and fun to make too!

There are a few different clay types you need to know about.  There are clays that you need a kiln to fire with, there are oven baked clays and there are air dry clays.  I would stick with the oven baked clays.  They are a bit porous and hold the essential oils for a long time.  One drop will last you a day or two.  Most of these types of clay can be found at your local crafting store.  My favorite clay for this project is the Sculpey Polymer clay.  You can get a huge pack of all colors for really inexpensive as seen here on Amazon.

Read on for what you need for the project…


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  1. Beware, this article did not tell all the details and it said to read full article click here because the person writing the article said they removed which essential oils should be in there but I wanted to know and this is what I got

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