What NOT To Do With Essential Oils

Over the past several months I’ve been sharing lots of ways to use essential oils for beauty and wellness, but today I want to share some of the mishaps we (and others) had with oils, and how YOU can avoid them.

I must remind you to be careful when using oils: always use safety precautions. Yes, essential oils are safer than most over the counter medicine, but they are also very potent and can definitely cause problems if used carelessly.


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  1. I used oregano oil neat for a skin tag. Did not use a cotton ball and I covered it with a bandaid. Not sure if it was oregano mixed with the bandaid’s adhesive or I used a bandaid with antibiotic ointment (it was just laying loosely in our first aid box). Anyways, it burned me. Took one wee for the skin tag to fall off

  2. I am recovering from a burn on my chest. Two weeks ago I used bergamont and grapefruit blend. Totally not thinking went to a water park and two days later had a burn across my chest. Ugh live and learn just was not thinking.

  3. Got out of the shower and grabbed what I thought was my citrus blend. I mix a few drops with coconut oil and rub it every where that my clothes cover :/
    Well I quickly realized that it wasn’t my citrus blend and that I had accidently grabbed cinnamon bark!! I was on fire! My whole body turned beat red and I was hoping around screaming. Lesson learned:
    Always check labels before using. :/

  4. I’ve had peppermint in the eye several times. I often apply it to my forehead and temples for headaches and then always end up rubbing my eyes. To avoid this I put a roller cap on the bottle.

  5. I have learned to put my night time oils on after taking my contacts out and to put oils on after putting my contacts in in the morning. I learned that the oils effect the lenses by breaking down the material they are made from. Also, if you used a hot oil it can burn your eyes.

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