Pamper Your Little One with Homemade Baby Powder

As mothers (and fathers) we only want what is best for our babies. We don’t only worry about their health and development. We also concern ourselves with what is best for their hair, their skin, their little baby butts, their fingers and toes, and everything in between. Our little loved ones have such tender vulnerable skin, and it seems that every time we turn around, there is another super advanced, tragically damaging chemical introduced into our personal products. It begs to question, do these mass manufacturers have no children of their own? Aren’t they scared for the horrid effects? For instance, Baby Powder. Seems innocent, right? Wrong! Common Baby Powder has some pretty harsh ingredients, including a chemical that closely resembles asbestos. Asbestos!… Seriously!? Such a crying shame that we are marketed such dangerous chemicals for our most precious treasures… Our beloved children. There are a few natural store-bought alternatives, but sifting through all of the garbage can be tiring.


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