Make Your Own Lavender Dusting Cloths

Housework, housework, housework! Oh yes, the incessant repetition of daily obligations. Do the dishes, clean the counters, scrub the stove (and don’t forget the oven), wash the laundry, be sure you fold it, oh yeah… and put it away. Sweep the floors, mop them, don’t forget the bathroom, wash the windows, dust the walls, and the fans. The list goes on and on and on… We, as mothers, wives, and homemakers would undoubtedly give our right arm just to ease up even one demand of our responsibilities. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that drastic; but, finding little ways to simplify our work is definitely on our radar. Personally, I think dusting is one of the most frustrating aspects in all the history of homemaking. Seriously, you can clean anything else and immediately reap the visible satisfaction. Yeah… don’t even try it with dusting. You know the routine: you dust everything off, those sneaky little dust bunnies carry it off into the air, and consequently scatter the remains back down, all over your freshly dusted surfaces.


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