DIY Arthritis Essential Oil Rub

As we age, our bodies naturally wear down a little. Work, housekeeping, raising a family, the constant coming and going in the rush of life… all of this really does take a toll on our muscles. Living a long prosperous life is a beautiful blessing, but not everything about getting old is fun. More times than not, getting old means pain, swelling, and arthritis, in one form or another. We can all attest to this; aches and pains, of any kind, are not a pleasant thing to endure.

There are many over the counter remedies for aches, pains, and arthritis. However, before you spend your money using pharmaceutical solutions, try a natural home remedy. There is an abundance of beneficial medical properties to be found in natural essential oils. Consider this, once upon a time there were no over the counter drugs or prescriptions; pharmaceutical aid was not easily at our disposal. Our ancestors turned to natural homeopathic remedies.


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