Healthy Breath Freshener Treats For Dogs


I love my dog to pieces, but her breath stinks: there’s no other way to put it. Sometimes you just want to fall over a die, when she’s just there to love you. So, instead of either suffering through that, or just sending her away, have a treat ready for her and you’ll both enjoy your time together.

I found this easy to make recipe for homemade breath freshener treats for dogs that you can make with your children 😉

First you’ll need a small 6 oz container of plain yogurt. Please, please, please do not ever give your dog anything with artificial sweeteners or the highly-toxic-to-our-canine-friends xylitol in it. (If you’ll be letting humans eat these though, you can add a dash of honey or cane sugar to taste.)

Next, you’ll want to throw in a handful of fresh parsley and, if you have any, fresh mint leaves. I scoured my garden and easily found the parsley but could only gather a few tiny mint leaves that had barely started peeking out of the ground. I pulled up a bit, but we decided to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to make up for the lack.

To see the instructions on how to make these treats and an awesome picture of the yummy looking treats, check out

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