Naturally Colored Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here and we’re all doing our best to finish preparations so we can enjoy family time. Since you are living a healthier life these days, maybe you’ve been wondering how you can color your eggs naturally, and today I have some ideas you will love!

Here are a few colors you can create for your eggs with natural ingredients from your pantry or fridge.

To create these colors, boil the one cup of water with one of the ingredients below for about 15 minutes (keep your pot covered, so the water doesn’t evaporate). Let cool, strain, and then add a tablespoon of white vinegar and your eggs. Refrigerate overnight and you’re done!

Pink – 1 cup of shredded beets

Yellow – 2 tablespoons of ground turmeric

Blue – 1 cup of chopped up red/purple cabbage (blueberries have the same effect)

Orange – 1 cup of yellow onion skins

Lavender – 1 cup of red onion skins.

The color will depend on how concentrate your liquid is, and how long you keep the eggs in the colored liquid. It will also depend on the initial color of the eggs. Ave some fun with the children this weekend 🙂

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