Treat Yourself to DIY Anti-aging Eye Cream

Do you ever feel like life is weighing you down or that you’re feeling the effects of being “too busy”? It’s a common problem, especially for today’s moms who have to wear so many different hats. The coldweather might even be taking its toll on you and dry, puffy eyes are often the result. Now you understand why your mom always swore by her “miracle cream” but you don’t want to spend a fortune at the store on one of the many different types and brands of anti-aging creams that promise to do this or that for you. The good news is you can treat yourself at home with a DIY anti-aging cream that really gets the job done.


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  1. You know I can and I will. Did you read the original post? It includes Frankincense EO as an option. If I put that in it will hike up the price considerably or I can use some of the resin I bought for the soap and grind it up. Your choice.

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