Essential Oils for Cold Sore Treatment


There are few things more frustrating and painful than cold sores. They can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. They are painful and difficult to get rid of. Few things actually cure them and most over the counter remedies simply mask the symptoms for a short time, until the raging pain comes back again – to say nothing of the really nasty ingredients that cold sore creams contain. This can be a terrible experience for the cold sore sufferer and it might feel like there is never any relief. However, there are several essential oils that can provide┬áreally great treatment for cold sores.

The video on the next page shows a really neat way of making sure that you only apply the essential oils to the cold sore!.



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  1. Both the zinc and L-lysine were pill form, purchased at walgreens. Daily for several months or till cleared up, then after a year or so, they just quit occurring. He suffered for years before that.

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