How to Fight the Cold and Flu with Herbs & Spices


I have a healthy lifestyle and usually manage to stay away form colds and flu, but right now I seem to be surrounded by people coughing, sneezing, and aching! So, I’ve renewed my mission to find ways to keep colds and flu away, and also ways to recover quickly if the dreaded bugs catch up with me. I hope you can get some use out of my research 😉



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  1. like to know more, I have problems with my body, health. Think the natural, is the way I would like to go! Address; 905 e 12 th, Pawhuska, okla. 74056 thank you.

    1. Gay, look around the blog: there’s a lot of information about how to stay healthy: look at some of the detox recipes, and at some of the wellness and household recipes: if you get rid of the chemicals in your life, you’ll hopefully feel better.

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