Anti Aging Essential Oil Blends

Every woman loves young looking skin, and the compliments that come with it. There are many things that contribute to young looking, beautiful skin: things like good nutrition, healthy sleeping habits, drinking water, exercising, staying stress free, etc. I encourage you to do all of these things, but you can also help your skin stay young and healthy looking by applying a blend of essential oils that has anti aging properties.


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  1. Kaui Norris All of the above oils will help, along with wintergreen, cypress, oregano and lemongrass. Just don’t use them all at once! Mix the oil (about 20 drops to 4-5 oz) with conditioner, coconut oil (my preference), or olive oil, and massage about 1 tablespoon into your scalp after washing your hair. Leave on for about 10 minutes. If you can, do this daily – let us know when you find a good solution!
    Note: Lemongrass may be a good essential oil to start with. Research shows you should see results in about 7 days.

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