How To Easily Clean Your Diffuser With Vinegar


If you use your diffuser regularly, you need to clean it: there’s no way around that, or it will stop working. With daily use, oil build up will cover the inside of your diffuser and not only will it look dirty and unsanitary, it will stop working properly, and eventually stop working altogether.



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    1. Brenda, I’m not sure, but most manufacturers tell you to use tap water. Some say that distilled water has particles that are too small and it’s hard for the diffuser to recognize them

  1. This was stated when my diffuser stopped working….

    Please also be sure that you are using distilled water in this diffuser.

    1. Pat, if your specific diffuser mentions using distilled water, do it. Most diffusers require tap water.

  2. I was told before I bought mine to only use distilled water as regular tap water can be to hard and scale up the diffuser, also if you are difussing, you dont wan to put chemicals from tap water into the air with your oil, i havent had any trouble with mine at all.

    1. Carla, if the manufacturer specifically mentioned using distilled water, do that. Most diffusers only need tap water (and actually work better with it)

  3. Yes, it can be a bit confusing at times, my Home Diffuser from Young Living says to use distilled but one I bought in town requires tap water

  4. Have never cleaned mine in a year. It’s not stained. I use it a lot but always wipe out after every use and finish wiping out with the sponge. I run just plain distilled water through once or twice a week.

  5. Mine stinks like a nasty mix of every kind of oil. I clean it with alcohol like the manufacturer suggests, but can’t get the smell out and so rarely use it now. I’ve been meaning to try vinegar!

  6. I’ve used vinegar before, but my diffusers didn’t perform as well after. I use rubbing alcohol, as the manual says, and that’s what CS recommends when you call in.

  7. I cleaned 2 of mine with vinegar and never could get them to work again. I called Young Living whom I bought them from….they said never never use vinegar. That is what is messing them up. Always use rubbing alcohol! The book that came with the new diffuser said to use alcohol as well! I found out the hard way!!

  8. Yes thanks girl. One says try vinegar then the other lady said NOT to use vinegar cuz that’s what’s messing them up? Mines not really dirty I think I’m managing just on the whole nothing but water. I do wipe it out every time I got done using it

  9. If you read the actual comments to the original story it tells you to use alcohol, then vinegar then water or nothing. Half the people saying vinegar ruined their diffusers half saying it works great..etc etc.

  10. WARNING!!! Vinegar is NOT recommended to clean certain diffusers, such as Greenair brand, and doing so can actually ruin your diffuser. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions over what you read online.

  11. I have the Home diffuser and the Dew Drop diffuser and I swab mine with vinegar to clean it all the time. Never had a problem. I don’t pour the vinegar directly in though just put vinegar on cotton balls and clean it that way and vinegar on a qtip to clean the smaller areas that I can’t get to a cotton ball with, like the metal plate.

  12. I got several diffusers from YL and I will not waste my money buying them from YL again even if they come in a kit! The last one I got was the white and purple one can’t think of the name. When I turn it on it only runs right at 2 to 3 hrs max! Instead I buy mine from Amazon and I have never had a problem with any of them. The Amazon ones all night like they all should do.

  13. I bought one last month from Amazon came from China turned on filled with water and water ran down my wall it cracked in 5 spots!
    You get what u pay for YL did have a problem with the rose one you mentioned they would replace them for free with in 1 year of having and paid my shipping back to them! They no longer sell that one!

  14. The home diffuser with YL uses distilled water only. Used tap water not realizing and we are on a well and soon after it stopped working and YL replaced. No issues since but only clean with rubbing alcohol

  15. Yes, it runs on just plain tap water plus whatever oils you want to add. It doesn’t seem to have any parts that can get clogged, so that might be why you only need to wipe it out. It has a small disc on the bottom, so the vinegar may be too harsh on that one part.

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