Help Kids Relax Before Bed With These Calming Lavender Water Beads


Overstimulated children are not only hard on themselves, they are hard on everyone else in the family.  Crying, whining, fussing, and just plain not listening to anything you have to say. And the more you try to calm them down, the worse it gets. Today’s idea will do wonders for you and your child. Just make this part of their evening routine, and they’ll think they tricked you 😉



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  1. I have! He likes lavender but it’s one that can wind him up. I mix with with a citrus, like Wild orange, to keep him grounded. But the citrus oils eats the beads up. So we usually just diffuse while he’s playing

  2. Alicia- Young Living Essential Oils is a company that delivers unadulterated essential oils and has a huge selection of oils and other various oil infused items. If you would like so you can find them here –>

  3. No not if they are 100% pure essential oil. When a essential oil has synthetics in it it is not pure. So how can you tell?? Go with a very reliable essential oil company like young living essential oils. Their seed to seal policy, owning/coop up farming is what sold me on them. If you smell their peppermint for example and compare it to another peppermint essential oil from another company big difference. Also what I love about young living is if they are out of a certain plant source due to mother nature (they don’t use any type of chemicals on their farms too) they will label that oil out of stock. A company to say that and not sell essential oil to get plant sources from somewhere else to get $$$ is a big plus to me. Not all essential oils you can put on your skin, diffuse, and digest. Young living you can. Their oils get tested even from a 3rd party so if the peppermint oil not 100% peppermint doesn’t get bottled.

  4. Blaine would be okay but Addie may try to eat them. I read the comments and agree that adding an essential oil to the plastic beads may make them more toxic. The essential oil breaks down the plastic and allows it to leach out and then the kids would be exposed when they put their hands in them. Let me think on this. Maybe I can come up with an alternative. And you can always ask Katie’s mom for some ideas that are totally safe. As a matter of fact, I think that is who we should consult for some safe and effective ideas for the two of them. Pretty sure Gavin doesn’t need these.

  5. Distillation contains NOTHING but the plant material and water turned into steam which separates the oils from the plants. No chemicals at all. I think you are thinking of making tinctures where some form of alcohol is used to ” remove” the oils into the resulting tincture.

  6. Essential oils should never be used alone, neat, on the skin except for a select few. It has nothing to do with where they come from or who makes them. YL and Doterra may make claims but be careful with EOs on young children whoever makes them.

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