Are You Poisoning Your Cat with Essential Oils?

We, cat parents who loves our little furry friends, might inadvertently harm/poison our felines with essential oils. While oils are doing a great job for us humans, we need to be aware that the cats are tiny compared to humans and even one drop of essential oil can be fatal for our cat.Let’s look at some oils that are especially harmful to felines.


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  1. I appreciated the information in your article about which essential oils to avoid for cats.

    I was confused to discover that the ingredients in the product that you endorse ‘Animal Scents Oil Pet Ointment’ contains some of the oils on the list that are to be avoided.

    Specifically: Geranium† essential oil & Melaleuca alternifoila† essential oil or tea tree oil as it is otherwise known

    Please help me understand this disparity.
    Thank you!

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