Yummy Baked Apple Chips Made With Cinnamon Oil

It’s apple season, and a good time to try this apple chips recipe your entire family will love. Who doesn’t love chips? Around here, chips don’t last much, and instead of feeling guilty, you can enjoy this healthy alternative. What a great way to enjoy apples! Golden Delicious and Fuji are my favorite varieties, but you can also use Gala, Pink Lady and even Granny Smith if you like the tart taste.


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  1. This sounds yummy, I have noticed tha you don’t mention what brands of eo’s that you use. I get concerned with which oils I can injest.

    1. I use doTerra Essential Oils. You can ingest their oils as long as it says on the bottle. I love using my oils Herb and Spices to cook and the benefits of the other oils are awesome too. My family has never been this healthy.

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