Make Your Own Dry Shampoo With Essential Oil

Dry shampoo is making a comeback after many years. But don’t go to the store yet: I have a recipe for you to make your own, for   lot cheaper than the store bought brands. And, of course, it’s all natural.

If you’re not familiar with the dry shampoos, they are powdered based, and when applied to the hair they absorb the oils that your scalp produces a couple of days after wet washing.


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  1. So I tried this, and wondering if I did it wrong? How much do you apply? How do you get it out? When I did it, the powder stayed in my hair and was too thick. I had to shower go get the powder out. Would love some guidance!

  2. Sorry..but you are very lucky to have the opportunity to take care of yourself ALWAYS. Some people can’t take a shower because of sickness/disease/disability or circumstances beyond their control. Again you are incredible lucky to not experience such things.

  3. How rude you are! And a little ignorant about hair care. +Sometimes people just choose not to wash their hair and that doesn’t mean they are lazy or dirty. I recommend You to Go keep taking care of your perfect self and stop trying to hurt people
    Feelings posting that kind of judgmental comments.

  4. Wow.. Seriously! Your comment is so judgmental and doesn’t reflect at all what you post on your FB page, all about God and The Lord…You may be disappointing God for criticizing others and trying to show off your ‘perfection’ lady!

  5. Note of caution, all Essential Oils are not created equal, some are actually synthetically made, making them toxic ! Stay with what you know to be true Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from a reputable company. REMEMBER, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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