I Have An Oil For That!

Let’s be honest: this goes through your mind all the time! If your kids are hyperactive, if your hubby comes home with a headache, if your neighbor’s kids can’t come to play with yours because they came down with the flu, if your best friend complains yet again about insomnia, etc.

You’ve got an oil for that! Let’s look at a few of the common ailments that benefit from essential oils.


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  1. Something strange is going on when it comes to my husband’s side of the bed. We’ve lived together in this house with the same bed for 3 years. However, I noticed a few months ago that there is a strange odor on this side of the bed. No matter how much I wash the bedding.

    I can only think that perhaps it’s because he sweats at night. I’m beginning to think that his laying in sweat for so many hours at night is causing something to linger….I’m trying to think of what EO I can spray on his side of the bed. I’ve tried just Lavender, but that doesn’t seem to work….

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