7 Health Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil


Are you familiar with clove? It’s a very aromatic spice, great for cooking and making tea. This article, on OrganicFacts talks about the health benefits of this herb, and the essential oil that comes from it. One of clove’s oil most known application is as a local anesthetic for toothaches. Let’s see what else can clove oil do.



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  1. Great article but kinda useless if it doesn’t tell Uyou how to apply it or ingest it…more info needed.

    1. Patricia, it’s not useless: it’s also not all encompassing. This article is meant to give you some idea of what clove essential oil can do. Once you know you want to use it for a specific issue, you need to research how to use it for it. Each use is handled differently and I can’t possibly try to write everything about clove oil in one post. Let me know if you have specific questions, and I’ll be more than happy to address them 😉

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