Get Rid of Acne for Good With Essential Oils


It’s heartbreaking to see young and old alike suffering because of acne. I know because my daughter has struggled with acne for quite some time, and nothign she did worked for long term. Recently, we discovered essential oils and it’s been making a difference. Of course, you need to take better care of yourself in general, since a lot of times acne is a result of poor diet and habits. Make sure you eat a nourishing diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid pore clogging makeup and creams.

To help you learn how to use essential oils for your acne, I found a great article at the Natural News site. See what they suggest:

Choosing the Best Essential Oils for Acne

Individual skin types will react differently to essential oils. The process of combining and experimenting with the best essential oil blend may be a trial and error process. Generally, the skin responds well to aromatherapy oils because they heal and nourish the cells and reduce inflammation. Essential oils also have antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

The best essential oils for acne control include lavender, geranium, sandalwood, jasmine, lemon, patchouli, chamomile, rosewood and eucalyptus.

Essential Oil Recipe for Acne

Create a natural gel to treat acne. Combine a quarter of a cup of aloe vera gel with ten to twelve drops of geranium oil, ten drops of lavender oil and seven drops lemon grass oil or tea tree oil. Blend all the oils and gel together thoroughly and apply to blemish areas twice daily after cleaning the skin. Do not use around the eyes.

Safety Precautions

Unlike perfume, essential oils are highly concentrated substances that need to be diluted prior to application to the skin. When buying essential oils, …

To find out what precautions to take with essential oils and some additional tips on how to combat acne, click here to check out the original article over on Natural News

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  1. Hormones definitely play a part. I used to get acne all the time, esp when I age chocolate. BUT, when my doctor changed my birth control pills, I noticed a drastic difference in how often I got acne, as well as how it reacted after I got some. Before, I get them a lot and it took days, almost weeks for them to heal. But now, after the medicine change, if I get any acne, it’s small and don’t hang out very long.

  2. I have 40 yer old acne. I have been washing with MSM soap and then applying Tea Tree oil and it is finally working. Cold weather doesn’t help because you don’t sweat out impurities when it’s cold not to mention the desire for sweets in the winter.

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