Are You Immune to Your Deodorant? Try Making Your Own

We all sweat: it’s just a fact. And while some (very few), don’t stink, most people do. So we use deodorants and antiperspirants full of chemicals to remain socially acceptable. Did you know you should change your deodorant often? That’s because we can become immune to the components of the deodorant we use. Today you can see how easy (and how much cheaper) you can make your own deodorant, with essential oils and a few other harmless ingredients. Read this family’s story to a more natural life.

When we first started out the road to living more naturally… one of the first things to go was the deodorant.

The Stinky Story

It was a bold step for us at the time and we were really nervous about the stinky body odor that was surely going to follow us around for a while.

We learned that eating a good, clean diet and drinking plenty of water can help cut down the BO, but sometimes you need a little extra help. We all know that the commonly used antiperspirants work pretty good for the most part, but that’s if you don’t care about all the aluminum that is being soaked into your body via the stinky armpits and how it prevents you from detoxing naturally through your sweat.

For those of us who care and want a more natural option… the choices are many, but very few actually work. Some even have aluminum and other yucky ingredients even though the product is supposed to be “natural”.

I share this from personal experience, as a woman who rode (and still does when not pregnant!) horses, loves to work hard and likes a good sweat.

Sweat is not something I gross out about, but body odor… I do.

When Jon and I first threw away our conventional deodorants, we started out trying the Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone and it worked great… but for only a year or so before we started to really stink enough to try something different.

Out went that deodorant and in came the Crystal Body Deodorant… same idea as the first one, but supposedly better.

Same results… we still stunk like BO and it was getting really embarrassing.

There’s a lot more to this story. Check it here:

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