For Beautiful Skin Try One of These 5 Oils


Wouldn’t you love to simplify your skin care routine, while at the same time saving money and time? I’m sure we all dream about that at some point. If you knew what goes into your regular beauty products, you’d sometimes be terrified. On the other hand, if you knew the right essential oils for your skin, you could get glowing skin without the fuss.

You may enjoy using your facial and skin care products, but how many ingredients are listed on there that are not natural? Let’s take a step back, and look at some natural, essential oils instead. It’s surprising how many ailments and issues these oils can help alleviate.

One quick note on the use of essential oils: essential oils are wonderful for skin, but if you’re new to using them, do research to make sure you know the best way to apply them. For example, be sure to dilute the oils because when used at their full strength, they can possibly cause burns, scarring, or irritation. Too much of these good oils can be a bad thing.

But, when used properly, these oils will give you luminous skin! Do you want glowing skin? These five essential oils can help.

1. Carrot seed oil

Carrot seed oil is an amber-colored oil that is extracted from carrot seeds. It’s great for dry, sun-damaged, mature, or wrinkled skin. If your skin gets cracked and dry during the winter months, or if your skin appears dull and tired, then applying a product with carrot seed oil will help get your glow back. Carrot seed oil is good for both dry and oily complexions.

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